Monday, August 10, 2015

The Week in a Nutty Shell - Elder Joshua Avery

Written by Elder Joshua Avery, serving in the Singapore Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Mandarin Chinese.

This week was awesome and I loved zone conference. I definitely feel recharged and excited to go and work with increased faith and diligence. This week I have been talking to more people. I think maybe sometimes I get into the habit of looking for the "perfect" contacting situation. I would like to become better at making normal and ordinary situations "finding situations." It takes greater courage and faith. The faith and courage required rarely comes before you talk to people. You just need to do it and your faith and courage will increase. It's all a process and at times I am frustrated by my progress, my faults, and weaknesses, but it is all for the best :)

Yesterday our evening plans fell through. It was a bummer, but Elder Pearce and I were determined to find someone. On our way out to follow up with some potential investigators downtown we yelled to the elders, "If we don't come back tonight don't panic!" Of course that gave them a little worry. They asked us what we meant by that and I responded, "We are not coming back until we find a family with a car who has work off on Sundays."

Elder Pearce and I then said a prayer and specifically asked God that we would be led to a family with a car and who doesn't have to work on Sundays, or that they would be led to us. We followed up with the people we were planning on, but they were not showing too much promise. As we continued down the street we knocked on any houses that we felt impressed to knock on. I saw a woman outside playing with a little boy. I thought she might be Malay, so I continued walking but I looked back and saw a dog in the yard, so we knew they were not Malay. We talked to her and had a very simple and easy contact. We shared with her Alma 13:22 invited her to read the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with her this Sunday. I know God answers prayers. Often He does not answer them in the way I previously described, but He will always answer.

We also have a girl named Ma** who we found a while ago, and who keeps coming to activities and invites her friends to church. Now we just need to get her to church! haha!

Things are progressing and I love it here. I love the people I meet and I look forward to knowing them better.

Elder Avery

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