Thursday, April 11, 2013

Elder Madsen's Miracle

Written by Soren Madsen, Kolby's dad

On February 19th Kolby tore his ACL, two tears in his meniscus, and a fracture on knee of his left leg. He found out he would need surgery to repair it. He was originally told that he would need to do physical therapy and wouldn't be completely healed for 6 to 9 months. He was upset and received a priesthood blessing and the family and friends held a special fast for him on March 3rd 2013, that he would heal quickly. He talked with his father about why he was having to wait so long to serve his mission when he first got his mission call. He was told to remember the tender mercies of The Lord, and that it was all for his good. When he tore his knee, he talked with his father again about waiting. He again was reminded of the tender mercies of The Lord. They discussed that maybe this is why The Lord had him wait in the first place. The Lord knew that he would tear his knee up. He needed him to be 100% and that would not be possible if he would have left even one month earlier. He would have to probably come home for treatment and possibly get sent to another mission. Kolby said maybe he needed to learn patience. He listened to several conference talks for strength and understanding. He went to Idaho to visit his father on April 5-7. He was waiting to hear when he would enter the MTC and if he still would be going to Denmark. On Sunday he found out that he would meet with the Bishop on Monday April 8th. They would go for a bike ride and a walk, and the Bishop would determine if he should enter the MTC on April 10th. Kolby had the surgery performed only one month earlier (March 7th 2013). He had been blessed in his priesthood blessing that he would heal quickly. On April 9th 2013 around 11:00 AM, he discovered he would be entering the MTC the next day at noon. He is now in the MTC, where he is teaching and learning in the Danish language. His Branch President is the father of his father's friend and next door neighbor.