Monday, September 22, 2014

Elder Nelson Visits Arizona - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Temple Visitors' Center, speaking Spanish.

Well this week was great!

How did you know a General Authority came?? Did I mention that last week? Anyway, Elder Russell M. Nelson came. We got there almost 2 1/2 hours early to get a good seat. We were combined with the Arizona Scottsdale Mission, so we had about 500 missionaries there (that was the mission we split from last year). The second he walked in, you could feel the Spirit. The first thing he did was shake all of our hands. When I went up he looked me in eyes and said, "Hello Sister Jeppson" (thank goodness for name tags right). His eyes are green and he just has a bright countenance. For being 90 years old, he had a firm hand shake and just so much life. He has a sense of humor too. He said, "Be grateful that you get a time release. I have to die to get an honorable release."

He talked about companionships, about family history, about self mastery. He also talked about marriage - surprise, surprise! He said, "Sisters, when Prince Charming comes and kneels, and asks you to be his, you say 'NO'...Until you know that he loves The Lord first."

He said that we don't use the spirit of Elijah as much as we should. We are all responsible for putting together God's pedigree chart by making sure that all of the work for our ancestors are done. That's a tool that we have in missionary work. Family history, because a lot of people are interested in where they came from....The spirit of Elijah... It's real stuff.

It was so inspiring. I especially loved when he talked about gaining self control. He fasts once a week. Fasting helps our spirit gain control over our body so, essentially, fasting helps us overcome the natural man.

We had a super great weekend. We visited Ma** y Pa**! Well just Ma**. Pa** was working. She told us that she really wants to get baptized, but she doesn't want to do it without Pa**. So we talked about how she can be an example for him. The member we brought told her conversion story. She said that at first, she wanted nothing to do with the church, but her husband was so patient and supportive. He would rip out pages of the Book of Mormon and put them all over the house where she would find them. Ma** was so touched. She talked about Esther, and how she stood up for her people and fasted for strength to enter into the King's Court. We watched the Mormon Message, "Courage," and then she committed to fast with us for her husband!!! We are going to fast this weekend with her:) We are so excited!

On Sunday, we left our apartment early to go invite the world to church. And NO ONE answered. It was almost depressing. When we got to church, Ma** was there. Which was good. We had a great time. During Sunday school, (we have sacrament meeting last), Pa** came!! He didn't tell Ma** that he was coming, and he surprised EVERYONE. He told our branch president that he was going to come mas siguiente. We were SOOOO happy:) I love them so much.

I love being here. This is the best thing ever. For those preparing to go on missions, prepare with all your heart, might, mind and strength:)

Love you all!

Sister Lindsey Jeppson
Mesa Arizona Mission

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