Monday, June 30, 2014

Book of Mormon: What? Who? Why? How? - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

Why do we need the Book of Mormon?
Unlock the treasures of the Book of Mormon
Who is in the Book of Mormon?
What is the Book of Mormon?
Hola Mi Familia!!

This week FLEW by. I can't even believe I am sitting here typing yet another email. This past week was jam packed with so much good stuff... Meetings, trainings, Temple, tours, finding, teaching, activities, laughter, exhaustion.....all of it.

We had district meeting earlier this week. It went well. Because we are all "experienced' missionaries... our trainings are designed to fine tune our skills. So we practiced a lot. It's becoming more like a game now. I enjoy practices...sometimes...

Friday we had Preparation Meeting. That's when I get to give weekly trainings. This week we talked a lot about practicing. So we split up into groups and went around the Visitors' Center (VC) practicing different situations that we face all the time. It is really fun to apply the training and see what kind of miracles come out of it. I absolutely love the VC because I get to testify all the time, and be the facilitator of miracles and introduce the Spirit. I feel like a spiritual nurse attending to the needs of spiritually struggling people. It feels great.

Friday we also had a Noche de Hogar con nuestra rama (Family Home Evening with our Branch). It was about the Book of Mormon. The challenge for the month of July in our ward was to read the Book of Mormon daily and to write our testimonies in the cover of the book and give it away. We were planning to do this small, little activity, but the Branch President's wife made these professional invitations, so we thought we needed to 'step up our game.' So we did our research of fun Book of Mormon games and, I guess you can say, we kind of went over board. We did this activity called, "Unlock the Treasures of the Book of Mormon." The Book of Mormon is a rare treasure. But it means nothing unless we study and know what is inside. So our activity helped them discover the Book of Mormon by helping them answer these four questions:

1) What (What is the Book of Mormon?)
2) Who (Who is in the Book of Mormon?)
3) Why (Why do we need it?)
4) How (How can we know it is true?)

We made cute little candy gold plates, by gluing two golden Hershey nuggets to black construction paper, then gluing a white paper with a scripture over the chocolate. Then we put a red ribbon in the middle. I'll send a picture. Unfortunately, not a lot of people went, so our branch president asked us to present it in the 5th Sunday lesson. So fun. HE LOVED IT! And the people who went loved it.

While we were there, we got a call from sisters in the VC. A family had gone into the VC looking for their ward (non members). THEY LIVE IN OUR AREA!! We went to their home the next day to meet them. Mom, Dad, four kids (3 over the age of 8). We found out that they lived in Mesa two years ago and started going to church, then they moved to another state and couldn't find a church building, so they didn't go. They just recently moved back and want to go to church! We invited them to church, and they showed up 15 minutes early to meet the members!! They went to ALL three hours. At the end the dad said that he LOVED it and wants this for their family. We set up a return appointment and hopefully we will be able to help them be baptized. The members are AWESOME!! They have a few daughters young women aged, and the young women leader invited them to a breakfast activity this morning... THEY WENT!! So good!

These members are so willing to help. We are seeing miracles in this branch... little by little, they will be a ward again!! I love this area!!!

Being a missionary is great! The church is true!! If you don't believe me, pray about it!

Have a super week!!!


Hermana Jeppson

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