Monday, May 5, 2014

Following the Spirit - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

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It has been a super great week! A super draining week... But great, none the less. We have so many things to get done that we hardly have time to get all our studies in (considering we have 4 hours of studies)... I have studied Spanish for a solid hour this whole entire week... Not too great. With the technology we have, we have been coming up with different better ways to use it. One way is use it for trainings. We filmed "a Day of a Mesa Missionary" that will be shown to all the new missionaries. So it became like a contest. Everyone filmed each other doing some typical missionary activity. I think I am in there twice. One, I am testifying while starting a movie at the Visitors' Center, and the second I am doing online proselyting. Technology is given to hasteng the Lord's work! Use it for good!

We got transfer news!!! Lately, we have been finding out transfer news early through our missionary portal, but this time they wanted to make us wait. So we didn't find out transfer new until 12 p.m. today... Guess what... WE'RE STAYING TOGETHER!! We are so excited, there is so much work for us here. Our area really started flourishing this last week.

Guess what again.... P** FINALLY went to CHURCH!! And guess what… He liked it!! If he goes next week he can get baptized!! I seriously have never seen anybody change as quickly as he did. He dropped some of the hardest habits in a short time!

So Sunday, was the last Sunday for one of the Sisters in our ward, she goes home tomorrow. So we sang as missionaries in sacrament meeting (not sure if that was allowed because it was Fast Sunday, but we did it anyway). We were going to sing, "Mas Cerca Dios de Ti," (Nearer my God to Thee). When we got to church and sang the first hymn, it was "Nearer my God to Thee." When we realized it, we all looked at each other then frantically searched for a different hymn to sing. We ended up singing, "I Need Thee Every Hour." And we just went for it, without practicing. I think it went well.

Chinese buffet...yucky clam :P
As a companionship, we have been focusing on following the Spirit. By inspiration, we contacted a potential investigator in an apartment complex on an end of our area that we NEVER go to. We have one member who lives in that area. They let us in and we found out that they were meeting with missionaries until they moved, one year ago. We talked for a while then set a return apt for today. At church we talked to the member who lives in that complex and asked her to come with us. She then told us that she was praying and praying to find someone for us to teach in her apartment complex. The inspiration we received was an answer to her prayers.

If you have righteous desires, and do your best to obey the commandments of God, He will bless you. I have experienced it so many times. This work really can only happen with the Spirit. There are so many things we could do, but by the Spirit we are guided to where we are needed. That is why this church is doing well, because it isn't led by man. It is led by God. I mean, what other church can get 80,000 young adults to dedicate 2 years of their lives serving God?

I love you all! And Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!! I'm excited to talk to you in a week, Mom!!

Hermana Lindsey Jeppson

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