Monday, February 10, 2014

Obedience Brings Blessings - Sister Lindey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

HOLA mi Familia!

This week has been fantastic. We received transfer news Saturday. Can you bleieve that the transfer is ending? I can not.


We're staying together in this area, AND we're going BACK to the Visitors' Center! I am super excited to be going back. I am anxious to see how all of my contacts from Christmas Lights are doing.

In the ward I am serving in, there are three companionships of missionaries. Us, our district leader and his companion, and another set of sister missionaries. Guess who the other set of sisters are... Hermana LEON and the sister we day trained together two transfers ago, Hermana Taboada! I am so excited to be serving with them! It will be a great transfer.

Our area is going really well. We are finding many prepared people. I am blown away every day by all the miracles I am seeing. We talk with everyone, it is getting to the point where I can walk down the street and know and recognize the people that we pass. There was one time that I accidentally called this guy that we were teaching. As I called him, we actually were near his house turning into another subdivision. All of a sudden he appears out of nowhere, freaking out. He was like, "Are you ladies okay?" "Ya, we're fine, why?" "I just received a call from you and no one answered. Usually when someone is in trouble, they call someone and leave the phone on speaker." I looked at the phone, and sure enough we called him...Well, I am glad there are people here who have my back:)

There's something from my personal study that I would like to share. Mosiah is awesome. King Benjamin's sermon is a call to repentance. I love chapter 4. Today I was studying it and I found three verses that I will adopt into my life: 26, 27 and 30. Mom look at verse 27, that one is for you.

I also have been preparing for General Conference by studying talks. Each week I focus on an apostle, and read as many talks as I can from him before the next week. I just finished Richard G. Scott and I am starting on M. Russell Ballard. I LOVE Elder Scott! I have learned so much from him. I suggest you do the same:)


Espero que tengan (p.s. this is called subjunctive, and it is the death of me) una buena semana!

Hasta Luego!

Hermanita Jeppson

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