Monday, January 13, 2014

Commitment - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Arizona Temple Visitors' Center, speaking Spanish.

This was a good week. We're still adjusting to everything, but it was good. We live with members. The sweetest family ever. Our desks are in the same room we sleep. So we are in there about 9:30 pm until about 1 the next day. It's my cave... ha!

Sister DeMille and Sister Jeppson
The family that moved from California.... so, on Tuesday, we called them and confirmed dinner and the lesson. She was SOO excited. The next day we got a call from her husband. He told us that his wife's aunt (who she was close with) passed away that morning and that they had to cancel because they were leaving to California... It was so sad. We haven't been able to talk with them since. They should be coming back either today or tomorrow, so we'll see...Braden, maybe they need to hear your plan of salvation talk! We went to go heart attack their door, then realized we didn't bring the hearts, so we ended up taping pass along cards onto their door. I'll have to send you a pic!

So we found another family to teach! Mother, father, and 5 kids. Almost like our goes girl (20, married, not living with her family), boy (19), boy (17), boy (10), and girl (8). We taught them about the restoration and committed them to read the Book of Mormon!! At the end, they all requested a copy of the book. So cool. Tonight we have a Noch de Hogar (FHE) with them! We're praying for miracles! They have had pretty amazing experiences with receiving answers to prayers, so we'll see what happens. The little girl is just so cute! We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon a few days prior, and she has the introduction read up until half way into the testimony of Joseph Smith. She just loves it!

I have never talked to so many people! It is so don't get this experience anywhere else! Like, we met a 66 year old man who is from Bulgaria and barely speaks English. He told us to come back in a year when he knows English better, SOOO sweet… then we met a 16 yr. old boy from Puebla, Mexico. He lives with his aunt and uncle, selling food on those bike carts in the street (this is mini Mexico, I'll get a pic and send it to you). He doesn't know how to read or write and isn't even in school. We told him how much worth he has, and gave him a Book of Mormon and a card with our number on it. We told him to call us when he can. He doesn't know his phone number or address, so there was no way we could send missionaries to his home... It was so heart breaking.

I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting. I was so nervous. So I said a prayer and just opened my mouth. What happened was a miracle and definitely an example of the gift of tongues. I spoke, with out reading the talk I prepared... I of course followed it, but I was able to look up at the congregation and speak. That has NEVER happened. SO COOL.

This work can not be done with out the Spirit. In personal study today, I was reading Chapter 4 in Preach My Gospel, about the Spirit. And at the end, there was an activity where it asked me to think of certain events. When I thought about all the miracles I have experienced, I realized that they ALL had to do with the Spirit.  There is so much power to faith and prayer...

COMMITMENT!! Will you pray to find someone to share this Gospel with by the 18th of March?
I know, I promise…that if you ask in faith, then do all you can to find that person, you WILL see miracles.

I love you all!! Have a fantastic week!!


Hermana Jeppson

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