Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving in Mesa - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.

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My Thanksgiving was great!! Elder and Sister Beckstrand invited us over to their home for Thanksgiving dinner, (I have pics). SOO yummy! Typical American Thanksgiving. Turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, stuffing, homemade rolls, JELL-O (raspberry, whipcream, with crumbled pretzels on top), and HOMEMADE PIE!! So good. After, we all kind of talked and just enjoyed each others' company. Later that day we had dinner with a member. Meat, beans, rice, mashed potatoes, and yams. Oh!! Earlier that day, we played soccer!! It was fun.

Christmas lights started!! I am SOOO tired. Our shift starts at 5:30 and ends at 10. We probably have a 10 minute break in that time period. You just don't have time to sit. There are so many people to talk to:) It is amazing! I love it! We have seen so many miracles. Right before we go on shift, all the Sisters gather in a theater, and we pray, set goals, and pray again. These last few days, my testimony has strengthened on prayer. If you have righteous desires and faith, your prayers will be answered.. Sometimes not in the way you expect.. We have ALL been praying SO much! Yesterday we met our goals!! We actually exceeded one of them!

So last night, it was 9:45, and NO one was coming in. I was at the front greet. The Sisters who were at the Cristus went to get a drink, and I covered for them. Just as they left, a Hispanic couple walked into the front door. The women was pregnant (paint an image in your mind; father and expecting mother, in the VC at Christmas time :) So I asked them if they wanted to hear more. They said yes, so I introduced in Spanish and we listened. I then took them into Luke 2 (five minute video clip of the birth of Jesus Christ). It was just them, me, and another Sister who spoke only English. At the end, I bore testimony of the Savior and because of Him we can be with our families forever. That sparked the mother's interest. Long story short, they agreed to learn more!! When someone is not a member and agrees to learn more, we call that an onsite. We received 31 onsites last night! Our goal was 31..... Prayers are answered. I am completely blown away..

In personal study, I finished 3 Nephi and started Mormon. At the end of the Savior's ministry in the Americas, he commanded that the prophets write down everything that has happened and keep accurate and updated records. We can learn a few things from this. 1) keep a journal...Don't ask questions, just do it.  2) read and study the words of the prophet. I want to focus on #2.

After some time, the Nephites fell into wickedness again. With time, pride came over their hearts, they became more concerned over worldly things, and they forgot their Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. I thought, how can I prevent that from happening to me?? Then I remembered 3 Nephi and the commandment from The Lord... "READ AND STUDY THE WORDS OF THE PROPHETS." Revelation to the max this week... I made a goal to read the Book of Mormon everyday from now to the end of my life, and to study conference talks. Why? In the scriptures and general conference talks, we find commandments, laws, and warnings. If we strive to study and apply these things, we won't fall. When we start slacking off, Satan comes in... Need I say more...

We seriously live in the last days. We need to be strong and stand firm.

Take advantage of this holiday season... Invite someone to go see the lights at Temple Square.. Share videos of the birth of Christ on Facebook.. Make cookies... Do service... Just do something.. Remember Elder Ballard's talk?? Have you completed the invitation he extended???

Le Quiero mucho!!!

Hermana Lindsey Jeppson

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President and Sister Beckstand on Thanksgiving
We started Thanksgiving with a soccer game!

Then we had a lovely lunch at the mission home.

Mesa Temple Visitors' Center Sister Missionaries
Thanksgiving 2013
A good day!