Monday, August 19, 2013

Great Things Happening - Sister Lindsey Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson, currently serving in the Arizona Mesa Mission / Mesa Temple Visitors' Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, speaking Spanish.


COMO ESTA! This week was great! It was CRAZY, but great. This transfer we had a bunch of meetings and trainings. Elder Craig Cardon from the Seventy came down for a mission tour. It was about six hours long. It was super amazing though. We talked about almost everything. But the topics that were talked about most were:

1) The Atonement: Honestly, where would we be without the Atonement? That's a scary thought, not worth entertaining
2) Planning: Planning is something that is perceived as a waste of time...WRONG... it's a tool used to make sure you don't waste time :)
3) Working With Members: Where would we be without members??

It was very insightful and very powerful. By just being in his presence, you could tell he is a servant of God.

We also had interviews with the Mission President this week, and because there are so many missionaries, they are very limited, so he had a timer. It made me think of Horton Hears A Who, where the dad has 90 kids and spends 10 sec with each of them. Anyway, it was good! President Jenkins is so inspired and he has such a deep and sincere love for the Savior and for each of us missionaries. It's amazing!

This week we'll receive a training at our Visitors' Center (VC) from a Sister who is over all the Visitors' Centers in the world (I'm not sure her name or title). She's also going to update all of our outdated exhibits!!! Yeah!!! I'm so excited!

The Spirit is amazing. Yesterday, we had the morning shift at the VC. People don't really come to the VC on Sunday at 9 AM. The people that come are those who have late church and are bored, travelers that don't have time to go to church, or non-members who are led here by the Spirit. Yesterday we had a non-member come in. It was so evident that the Spirit directed him here because when we asked him what brought him to the VC, he said, "I don't know, just thought I would come."

Turns out that he just got out of the military a few days ago, and you could tell that he was a little lost. He wouldn't admit that, because he has a stinkin' male ego, but he needed help. We took him to the Christus and planned the presentation. We talked about it after, and something that stood out to him was repentance. So we talked about repentance. He got a little uncomfortable and said he needed to leave. When we asked if we could stay in contact with him, he just said he would come back next Sunday, and refused to give us his number. UGH... well, we're praying for him, and we're looking forward to next Sunday!:)

Good news for our investigator, Aaron!! (the one who called the front desk). We haven't been able to get a hold of him this last week, but guess what! Yesterday, we got a voice mail, and he said that he would be here TODAY!! He also said that he has a few questions, so that can be a little scary. But we're so happy that he called back!!

In our area, our investigator, Maria, came to church with us for the first time!!! She's still really sad, but we're helping her build that faith in Jesus Christ. Her daughter being here has really helped. Being brought to our lowest brings us to our highest.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! It's great! I Hope you're all helping out those missionaries!! They are a resource for you! The Church is true!! Have a great week and serve on!!

con mucho amor,

Hermana Jeppson

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