Monday, June 17, 2013

Sister Jeppson's Getting into the Swing of Things

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson


Well this week went by pretty fast. We are so busy, ALL THE TIME. We're always working. Which is fantastic! I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes, we have scheduled things during our lunch times. Like yesterday, we packed a lunch and ate it in the parking lot at church because we didn't have time to eat at home. I got roped into playing a few hymns at church because no one feels comfortable enough to play, so we went early to practice. Also, my companion and I were asked to perform a musical number for father's day. And sunday was the first time we practiced it. It went well. Sacrament went over about 30 min, so we got out at 5, which we were late to our dinner appointment, which made us late to our shift at the VC. It was a hectic day.

The VC is great! I love getting unexpected visits from all your friends in Arizona dad. It's comforting. We have an investigator here in the center. His phone doesn't work, so he comes in to the VC for lessons. He cracks me up, anytime we ask him questions about how he feels when he reads el Libro de Mormon, he just shrugs his shoulders and says I don't know. He pretends like he's not touched by the spirit, but he so is, I can see it on his face. And want to know something really exciting.. Last monday, I invited him to be baptized.. IN SPANISH! WHOO! He said YES!! But we have to get him to meet with his local missionaries before he can. And that's what we're working on. He also is unsure about some vital things, like Joseph Smith, so that's where we are headed! But He is so great!!!

I am surprised at how many people come in completely depressed looking for answers. One lady came in, in tears. I was kind of nervous to talk to her, but my companion took the lead and I soon came in (This was in english). She asked me how I know that this is true, and I told her that because of the things I have felt, I know that it is true. She didn't believe me, so I said,"I wouldn't have sacrificed and year and a half of my life if I wasn't completely positive this was true." That got her thinking.

So we have this investigator who just turned 18 and graduated High School. And he accepted to be baptized before I came here. So we continued to talk to him. but it was so hard to get a hold of him. His phone broke so we had to communicate through his sister's phone. Anyway, things just got complicated, so we thought he was backing out. But!!! On Thursday, we got a text asking when we would meet again.. guess what, it was HIM!! He went out and bought a new phone and contacted us ! Anyway one thing led to another, and he's getting baptized tomorrow!!! I am so stoked!! You can tell this is something he so wants! And he's the only one in his family that is doing this, so he won't have a ton of support from them, so we've been working a lot with the members trying to find people who would fellowship him. And we found some solid members! I'm so happy!!!!

Entonces, THINGS ARE MOVING QUICKLY with missionary work. The church is amazing. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE IT TO THE BROADCAST THIS COMING SUNDAY!! We will learn a lot from our prophet. It is for everyone!!!

I am so happy to hear your member missionary experiences. Remember, Prayer is super important. Pray ALWAYS! And not only that, but have the faith to act on the promptings of the spirit. That's what I'm working on this week. I've been so focused on trying to figure out what everyone is saying to me, that I've almost completely shut out the spirit. My goal is to listen to the person I'm speaking with. Then before I respond, I will listen for the spirit and say what comes. I did it yesterday when I was ending a movie at the visitor center. (After a movies ends, we  bare our testimony and commit the visitors to do something) While I was waiting for the movie to end, I was listening for the spirit and what came to my mind did not make sense at all, but I said it. And after the movie, one of the men there came up to me and thanked me. He was there with his daughter, and he said that she was going through some hard times and this experience really helped her. SO YEAH!! Trust in the Lord!!! Be humble!!

Scripture of the day:

2 Nefi 32:3
Los ángeles hablan por el poder del Espíritu Santo; por lo que declaran las palabras de Cristo. Por tanto, os dije: Deleitaos en las palabras de Cristo; porque he aquí, las palabras de Cristo os dirán todas las cosas que debéis hacer.

Le quiero much!!

Hermana Jeppson

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