Friday, May 24, 2013

Update and Travel Plans for Sister Jeppson

Written by Sister Lindsey Jeppson

So Wednesday is "new missionary day" and all the missionaries come in about the same time as our gym time. That day we decided to go up to the temple to run. So on our way up, we were waving to all the new missionaries. As we were passing this one car, I had the impression to say 'hi'. So, I stopped by the passenger window, waved and said, "Hola, Sister. Welcome to the MTC." As I was walking away, I heard "LINDSEY!" (yes it was insanely weird to hear my first name!). I turned around and it was KAITLYN!! (NOTE:  she is Lindsey's cousin who just left for the MTC). It was the coolest thing ever. We couldn't talk then, but I found her at dinner and we talked a bit. It was super cool!!

This week has been kind of weird. Half our zone left on Wednesday, and this coming Wednesday, the rest of our zone is leaving, my district included. Everyone but me. I'm excited to learn more about being a Visitor Center Missionary, but I'm going to miss my district so so so much. We are like a little family. So, on Wednesday, I will get a new room assignment and a new companion. That will be interesting. I also get to go to Temple Square on Wednesday!! (I better not see anyone up there!)

Yesterday we had in-field orientation. It went from 8-5:30, and then we had class from 6:30-9:30. Longest day EVER. But I learned a ton. We talked about goal setting, faith, working with the members, and of course, our purpose as missionaries. Everything is getting so real, and I am SO nervous, but SO excited. An Elder in our zone had to fly to Las Vegas to get his visa and he had a pretty cool missionary experience. Hearing it gave me just a little anxiety. I was thinking, "Oh my word...when I get to the airport, I immediately start looking for people to talk to." BAH! It's getting real! But I couldn't be more excited.

I JUST GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!!! YAY!! I"m leaving June 4, and my flight is 40 minutes long, WHOA!!!

This week, Faith was something that I have been working on. Whenever we teach, I get super discouraged. Well, I was reading in PMG (Preach My Gospel) and I came across this quote, "Discouragement weakens your faith." It was an eye opener. That night I knelt in the most sincere prayer, asking for forgiveness. I also gained so much more trust in my Savior. Now, I do all I can to prepare, and I know that the Savior will pick up where I lack. And He has done that! It is amazing. My relationship with my Savior is stronger and continues to strengthen everyday.

Something cool that I learned yesterday: Faith is not only believing in something that is not seen, but it is believing in the power of God. It is believing that with the will and power of God, anything is possible. I have experienced this SOO many times while being in the MTC. I can not wait until I get out into the field.

On Tuesday, we had a pretty cool devotional. Here are my favorite quotes: "Give your all, DO NOT hold anything back from the Lord. You have been GIVEN either 18 or 24 months to serve and your whole life to think about it. Don't waste a minute." After hearing this devotional, I have been striving NOT to waste any of the Lord's time. And it's not easy when most of your day is spent studying and teaching.

Heavenly Father LOVES each of us SOO much. WE are so precious to Him. I feel so honored that He trusts me enough to teach his precious children and help them come unto Christ. We are sent to save souls, and save families. This work is SO amazing. I regret all the doubts I had before coming. Yes, it is hard, but IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT!!

Yo se que este la Igelsia is verdad. Yo se que Padre Celestial amo su hijos. Yo se que Jesucristo muerte por nos pecados. Yo se que nosotros podemos regresar a nos Padre Celestial y vivir con nos families siempre. YO amo la Iglesia de Jesucristo. Yo estoy animado por la oppurtunidad a compritir el Evangelio con las personas de MESA! En el Nombre de Jesucrist, Amen.

That probably has so many spelling and grammar errors, but the Spirit is definitely present. I feel it so strong right now. Mucho gracias por su orarciones (prayers). I feel them!!! I pray for all of you!! I love this gospel.

REMEMEBER!! Every member a missionary. Spend 5-10 minutes every morning and night in prayer. Ask for missionary experiences, you will get them! Listen to the Holy Ghost. He will tell you who needs a friendly smile. Remember, we are all children of God. Respect one another. Love one another. Serve one another. You will be blessed.

I want to hear about everyone's missionary experiences! Will you all commit to do a Christ-like act? And then tell me about it :) I promise, if you pray, Heavenly Father will give you an opportunity, and I promise you will be blessed. The work is hastening, and the Lord NEEDS ALL OF US!!!

Have a fabulouse Week!!! I love you all


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