Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What that first letter means to a Mom!

Written by Holley Jeppson, Lindsey's mom

Those first few days after Lindsey was in the MTC, before I got the letter, were really tough, which I hate to admit.  There are so many different emotions going through your mind.  On one hand you KNOW they are in the right place, probably doing good and not even thinking about home.  But on the other hand, you just never know.  I also have heard from SO many people that the first letter is so incredible to get.  BUT, you just don't know what that feels like until you get it.  Because Kolby's first letter came in the mail, I assumed that maybe she would write before e-mailing, so I kept checking the mail box, not knowing when her P-day would be. Saturday there was still no letter. It wasn't until late Saturday night that I just happened to check my e-mail and THERE IT WAS!!!

I opened it up and just sat in gratitude and tears as she told of her incredible experience and the emotions she was going through.  Even though some of those emotions were hard and overwhelming, it's shaping and molding her.  After reading it, there was no question in my mind that I wanted to go on a mission some day and that I'm going to do everything I can to get my other kids and every youth that I have an influence on a mission.  There is just NOTHING that can compare.  My testimony of this missionary work was strengthened in one letter!

There is not better confirmation that your child is in the "right place" learning incredible "hard things" that will shape her to be the most incredible mother, wife and woman.  I'm so thankful for this gospel and the church and the opportunities we have in it.  I understand what it means when we say, "The peace and joy the gospel brings."  SO TRUE!!!