Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Jeppson Family on Lindsey's Report Date

Written by Holley Jeppson, Lindsey's Mom

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OUR OFFERING -- The "Dropping Off" Experience

It is done!  We have offered our sacrifice on the alter!!  Lindsey is now in the MTC preparing to serve the people of Arizona.  Tuesday night, we each were able to give her some advice or give words of appreciation It was so incredible as a mother to hear others testify of who she has become and the example she has been to others.  Even though she was called the "boring one" by two of her cousins because she would always be working on Personal Progress on Sunday's instead of playing with them. My favorite was when bishop shared when he was in the worthiness interview with Lindsey for her mission, he was asking her about all of the standards that were in the Strength of Youth and part way through Lindsey stopped him and said, "Bishop, you don't ever have to worry about my standards."

 It was a special experience with a lot of tears and an incredible spirit.  Then President Cottle set her apart as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She said later that she was comforted by her blessing because President Cottle covered the things she was having anxiety about. One of my favorite parts said that people will be shocked at how well "this little blonde girl speaks Spanish," and she was blessed to speak fluently.  After she was set apart she bore her testimony for the first time as a missionary -- it was strong and solid -- filled with the spirit.

That night she was exhausted and said that she woke up at 2:30 a.m. with anxiety to the point that she felt that she was going to throw up.  She was up at 6:30 a.m. and we were up together (because I was her temporary companion) and we just talked for an hour an a half about all the spiritual experiences from the weekend.  What a special experience, she has truly become my best friend.  Time went REALLY slow for her that morning, she kept getting waves of anxiety and felt like she was really going to throw up.  We started heading down to Provo at 11 am.  We went to lunch at Zupas because it was the only thing that Lindsey could stomach.  The time went really slow and she kept checking her watch.

We decided to go to the Provo Temple, take some pictures and say goodbye there.  Lindsey was really trying not to cry.  In fact, there was a sister missionary there hugging her mom for a long time and Lindsey said -- hugs can only last 10 seconds.  We got out and took  pictures, then each of us gave her a hug with a group hug at the end.  She held tough until Brad and I hugged her, then we made her cry and of course I was crying.  We were still early, so we just decided to get in the car and drive by.  We were directed right into the MTC.  As we drove by there were missionaries lined up at the curb waving and smiling.  We pulled into Station #10.  Lindsey was SO ready to get out and get going.  She met her host, they got the luggage out of the back of the car.  She gave one last quick hug to all of us (I was still crying of course) -- then she took one of her suitcases, her host took the other and she walked into the MTC never looking back.  Braden yelled, "Harrah for Israel."  (As a dare for Maren who yelled it for Kolby).

We got back into the car pretty solemn.  Taylor was taking pictures of everybody and the rest of us were crying or solemn.  We dropped Brad off to go to St George and we left to go to Airborne to distract children.  What a day.  It was really emotional, but the start of something incredible.  CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FIRST E-MAIL!!!!

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The Jeppson Family at the Provo Temple on Lindsey's Report Day

Holley, Lindsey and Brad Jeppson
Jeppson kids at the Provo Temple

Sisters, McKinsey and Lindsey Jeppson

A sister missionary from the MTC greeted Lindsey at the curb.

The whole Jeppson gang at the MTC

And she's off! God speed, Sister Jeppson <3

A picture is worth a thousand words ...